Doppeltwirkende Hydraulikzylinder für verschiedene Industriezweige

Double-acting hydraulic cylinders

    Double-acting hydraulic cylinder

    With both-side, adjustable, end-position damping and overflow valve, for employment as stretch cylinder for the aligning of aluminium profiles.

    Technical data
    Piston diameter:640 mm
    Rod diameter:550 mm
    Stroke:3300 mm
    Operating pressure:315 bar
    Pressure:3976 kN
    Fixing:Both-side, maintenance-free, radial joint bearing
    Cylinder weight:2900 kg
    Double-acting hydraulic cylinder

    Differential cylinder

    with floor-side, feeder-suction valve, for employment as drive cylinder in hydraulic pressure transducers for the shaping of vehicle parts in the automotive subcontractor industry.

    Technical data
    Piston diameter:310 mm
    Rod diameter:290 mm
    Stroke:2050 mm
    Operating pressure:265 bar
    Fixing:Rectangular flange on the cylinder-head side for installing in press frames
    Cylinder weight:2300 kg
    Double-acting hydraulic cylinder

    Double-acting hydraulic cylinder

    for employment as closing cylinder for moulds in the plastics processing industry.

    Technical data
    Piston diameter:275 mm
    Rod diameter:200
    Stroke:1710 mm
    Operating pressure:250 bar
    Fixing:Bottom flange
    Cylinder weight:1850 kg
    Double-acting hydraulic cylinder 2

    Differential cylinder

    with floor-side, feeder-suction valve in right-hand and left-hand implementation, for employment in hydraulic, frame-press machines for the shaping of vehicle parts in the automotive sector.

    Technical data
    Piston diameter:230 mm
    Rod diameter:210 mm
    Stroke:1520 mm
    Operating pressure:250 bar
    Fixing:Middle flange
    Cylinder weight:1050 kg
    Differential cylinder

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